Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Music in ME Birthday Concert (repertoire)

*Opening: Jenny from the Block / Feel good time / Don't Cha

*Birit Medley: Stick with you / Breakaway / Beacause of you

*Aiza Spot

*Jen/Aiza: Everywhere/ Breathe

*Jen Spot: Anything for u / At ur best / Fallin

*Jen/Ian: Burn

*Ian Spot: Everything you do

*Jen Spot: Kahit Sandali

*Jen/Kids: Heal the world

*Janno Spot: Pinakamaganda.. / Fallin

*Jen/Janno: Moments of Love

*Mark Dance Number

*Jen/Mark: Bakit ba ganyan

*Jen/Mark Dance

*Hale prod.

*Rock and roll medley

*Closing: Beep/ Push d Button/ Jenny from the block (acapella)


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