Monday, January 02, 2006

PinoyExchange: MMFF Movie Reviews

written by "moggs" of PEX:

I just got home from the preview screening of Joel Lamangan's Blue Moon which surprisingly, didn't suck...

Blue Moon almost proves the theory that what the failing Philippine film industry needs is good screenplays because the film works primarily because of its generally palatable screenplay. There are some major quibbles I have with the script, mostly from a historical point of view (I have doubts regarding the fact that the lead character Manuel Pineda could be a pilot during World War II as I'm pretty sure there was no Philippine Airforce yet). The Palanca Award winning screenplay was written by United States based writer Alan Tijano who Lamangan said he had never met in person. Interestingly, the screenplay is pretty simple to follow and has a genuine romantic hard to guide its plot movements. Lamangan works the screenplay well - finally mustering enough skill to actually create a decades-spanning story without being overly issues-oriented. In finality, Lamangan achieved, without ruining, what the screenplay essentially is, a touching fantastical and highly optimistic love story. While Blue Moon does contain sideplots (mostly concerning Pineda's son and grandson and their respective relationships), they are adequately ironed out without having to stray from the ultimate goal of the film. Blue Moon actually gets wrapped up neatly (like most other Filipino films) without leaving you scratching your head. Technically, Blue Moon is fine. Von de Guzman's score is genuinely touching. The cinematography is nice, which is a complement enough for visual aestetics-disabled Lamangan. The special effects is mostly unneeded and offputting but does not disgust enough to put down the entire film. The acting is fine (especially for Eddie Garcia, Christopher de Leon, Boots Anson-Roa and Dennis Trillo) and I'm quite surprised as to how Jennylyn Mercado is shaping up as the best thing that came out of the talent search programs that's been invading television programming. Blue Moon has a few bumps that disrupt the otherwise steady flow of the film and the ending could've been a lot more ambiguous (instead of wrapping up everything with a gratuitous morale). Complaints and nitpickings aside, Blue Moon is a film Lamangan can truly be proud of, especially after a string of forgettable flicks. ***1/2/*****


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Mark Herras' character was part of the AirCorps which was in existence during World War II. It's widely documented that a number of Filipino airmen engaged in airfights during the war. So in this regard, the movie is accurate. :-)

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