Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jen Onliners Membership Requirements

Sa mga gustong maging members ng Jen Onliners. Eto po ang mga qualifications.

1. Your name and information must be submitted in the Adirektory.
2. You must have either an iGMA, PEx or gmapinoyTV account.
3. You must have at least 100 posts on either iGMA, PEx or gmapinoyTV.
4. Of your posts, AT LEAST 75% should be in Jennylyn's thread. Posting in other threads (loveteams, other celebs, shows) is fine as long as you consider Jen's thread to be your "home".
5. You must follow the rules of the message board i.e. avatar sizes, picture sizes, flooding.
6. You should not have any UNETHICAL postings of other celebrities on their own threads.
7. The majority of your posts must be sensical, not too much greetings and posting pictures.
8. You must post a message on Jen's thread at least once a week unless you absolutely cannot.
9. A non-Jen avatar (or the lack of avatar) is not prohibited but a Jen one is preferred over some of her female colleagues (even if they are Jen's friends in real life). This shows that Jen is your #1 favorite young actress.
10. You must have visited Jen's blog (Jen's world - http://jennylynm.blogspot.com) at least once and posted a message on the tag board or the guestbook.

However, you may reapply again. For instance, if the number of your posts is lower than 100, you may email us again to alert us of this change. Also, your information is now forever stored in our Adirektory. We will update you of any changes, or big news about Jen.

Of course, just because you are not part of the club does not make you any less of a Jen fan. The Onliners Community is just a subgroup of all the Jen fans whose purpose is to be ACTIVELY involved on the internet.


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