Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jen Onliners Membership Requirements

Sa mga gustong maging members ng Jen Onliners. Eto po ang mga qualifications.

1. Your name and information must be submitted in the Adirektory.
2. You must have either an iGMA, PEx or gmapinoyTV account.
3. You must have at least 100 posts on either iGMA, PEx or gmapinoyTV.
4. Of your posts, AT LEAST 75% should be in Jennylyn's thread. Posting in other threads (loveteams, other celebs, shows) is fine as long as you consider Jen's thread to be your "home".
5. You must follow the rules of the message board i.e. avatar sizes, picture sizes, flooding.
6. You should not have any UNETHICAL postings of other celebrities on their own threads.
7. The majority of your posts must be sensical, not too much greetings and posting pictures.
8. You must post a message on Jen's thread at least once a week unless you absolutely cannot.
9. A non-Jen avatar (or the lack of avatar) is not prohibited but a Jen one is preferred over some of her female colleagues (even if they are Jen's friends in real life). This shows that Jen is your #1 favorite young actress.
10. You must have visited Jen's blog (Jen's world - http://jennylynm.blogspot.com) at least once and posted a message on the tag board or the guestbook.

However, you may reapply again. For instance, if the number of your posts is lower than 100, you may email us again to alert us of this change. Also, your information is now forever stored in our Adirektory. We will update you of any changes, or big news about Jen.

Of course, just because you are not part of the club does not make you any less of a Jen fan. The Onliners Community is just a subgroup of all the Jen fans whose purpose is to be ACTIVELY involved on the internet.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


For a high resolution version, click here.

Because Valentine's Day is near, Jen's World would like to celebrate this special occassion by introducing an innovative game on iGMA - MATCHMAKER.

First, ask yourself, who do you want to be paired with Jen on a movie or a TV show? Then, vote!

Each guy gets 20 points:

1. drew arellano - 20
2. hero angeles - 20
3. cogie domingo - 20
4. vivo ouano - 20
5. jake cuenca - 20
6. richard gutierrez - 20
7. dingdong dantes - 20
8. dennis trillo - 20
9. mike tan - 20
10. marky cielo - 20

Total = 200.

Then you add a point to the guy who you think should be paired with Jen. BUT you must also take away a point from another guy.

Once one guy's score reaches 0, he is eliminated from the game. This keeps going until we have a winner. The total sum of each guy's points must always be 240.


Dennis Trillo's Fanatxt
c/o rhenmaj of iGMA

DENNIS:Goodmorning kapuso =) dto na kme sa iloilo! kmusta ka na? Nood ka ammaya ah? kakanta ako with jen and lj.Kmusta wkend mo? Sna naman nkpagrelax ka...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Breaking News

Jen's World would like to congratulate Jennylyn for being named as the Best Supporting Actress for 2006 of the Gawad Tanglaw and the Official Spokesperson for battered children (Bata Foundation of the Christian Mission Services).

This is just the beginning!

Photo of the Week 5

c/o HAF_GFz of iGMA

Photo of Jen while taping her Baywalk episode with Jake Cuenca. Credits to HAF.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So You Want to be an Onliner?

So, what's the first step in becoming an Onliner? Just fill up the Adirektory and send it to jen.onliners@gmail.com with Adirektory as your subject. You don't have to answer ALL of the entries but you MUST provide us with your name, birthday and either an iGMA id or a PEx id. Thanks!

name :____________________________

nicks : ___________________________

birthday :____________________________

address : ____________________________

school/office :____________________________

numbers :____________________________

ym id : ____________________________

pex id :____________________________

igma id :____________________________

Fan Art of the Week 5

FOr a higher resolution version, click here.

Eto ang dream team ko...ika nga nila libre naman ang mangarap...pero sana kahit minsan lang mgkasama sila sa isang show/project.


Blogger will be down on Wednesday the 25th at 4pm PST (that's 8am Manila time on Thursday the 26th) to fix a bit of a switch that's gone wonky on us. The outage should last about 15 minutes. Blogger.com and Blog*Spot blogs will be inaccessible during this time. The purpose is to tune the databases for more efficient spam catching and deletion.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


YES! We are now officially endorsed by Jen herself (pat yourselves on the back Onliners!) through her FanaTXT. As a result of this accidental subgroup of the Ultimate Friends, Jen's World will undergo another major renovation. No worries, however, it will still be updated regularly but don't be surprised if suddenly some things are out of place. We apologize in advance for that.

Again, kudos Onliners!

For a higher resolution version, here


For more information on how to become a Jen Onliner member, leave a message on the guestbook and we will promptly reply within 24 hours.

Breaking News

Jen's Concert on February 14th has been cancelled yet again, presumably, to prepare for her New York soap (she has confirmed herself that the GMA bosses have given them the go-ahead) which will begin shooting at the end of next month.

Jen promoted this blog and the Jen Onliners on her latest fanatxt!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fan Art of the Week 4

Jennylyn Mercado, The Ultimate Star - Thread 17
by Anya

Sis Video & Caps

Aniar has finished uploading the video clip for the Sis episode where Jen guested with Mark & the Starstruck Final 9. You can watch it on this page by scrolling down the bottom. It is divided into three parts.

Caps can also be found here.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Love to Love Season 9


November 28
Love to Love 17.7 vs. PBB Buzz 9.7

December 4
Love to Love 11.9 vs. PBB Buzz 12.0

December 11
Love to Love 12.3 vs. PBB Buzz 16.2

December 18
Love to Love 12.9 vs. PBB Buzz 9.3

December 25
Love to Love 10.3 vs. PBB Buzz 5.3

January 1
Love to Love 14.6 vs. PBB Buzz 9.9

January 8
Love to Love 14.9 vs. PBB Buzz 9.6

January 15
Love to Love 13.1 vs. PBB Buzz 9.5

Re: Jen's Valentine Concert

Jen is inviting all of us to celebrate Valentine's Day with her at Party Central for her first concert.

Ticket Price: P500, P300

NOTE: Sold out na daw yung tig 1-thou, so 500 at 300 na lang available


Subscribe to Jen's fanatxt for more updates on her activities:

type JENNYLYN send to 4627 for smart/talk&text subscribers, 2364 for globe/sun subscribers

Breaking News

c/o malagu of iGMA

Jen's new duet with Janno Gibbs can now be heard on radio stations (the first reported playing of the song was on YES FM Station between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.). The song is entitled 'Moments of Love', which is also the title of the upcoming Dingdong-Karylle movie, is included in Jen's second album.

Photo of the Week 3

A magazine scan of Jen during her 18th birthday celebration at Virgin Cafe.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Breaking News

c/o cat_marcelo of iGMA

Jen had a a meeting with the GMA bosses about the New York soap because everything has been prepared and settled i.e. places of shootings in NY, permits and castings. But the bosses of GMA wanted to make sure that both of them are ready to tackle it on because of the abundance of 'kilig' moments (kissing, hugging).

Also, it has been reported at iGMA that Jen has a new segment in Startalk along with Mark and Mike.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our New Assignment!

c/o balderdash

Higher Resolution Version: Click Here

Monday, January 16, 2006

SIS video

SIS Jan 2, 2006 Episode

Watch the fortune forecast for Jen for the Year of 2006.

watch the video here

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Last Day of Voting for IFM!

Jen on the Cover

Jen on Insider Magazine

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fan Art of the Week 3

Jen Animation
by Chiko

Photo of the Week 3

Triz's Favorite Pic at Robinson's Angeles

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jen's Billboard

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A shot of her billboard at Balintawak.


Love to Love Season 9: Miss Match - Episode 6

Aniar has finished making caps, and they can be found here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


MMFF 2005 Awards Night

Aniar has finished making caps, and they can be found here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Photo of the Week 2



Jen's World has opened a new page especially made for the Adiks. We opened this page with our first Avatar of the Week post. You can check it out here.

We have also added a brief profile of Jen on our Profile section. Watch this section for more updates from macie.

New lyrics can now be found in our Lyrics page. The links for the streaming audio are still not working but please be patient while we fix it. Please take a quick look.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a message on tag board or leave a comment on the guestbook. Thanks!

Jen Says Thank You

As many of you know, Jen wasn't given a chance to say a speech at the MMFF Awards Night when she was handed her People's Choice Best Actress Award. Thus, my mare thought of a way to best express Jen's gratitude to all who voted for her. And here is my humble creation:

Higher Resolution Version: Click here

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Endorsements: Muncher

muncher ! muncher !
muncher !

Saturday, January 07, 2006

MMFF Awards Night

As posted here before, Jen ended up wearing a black sequined dress to Aliw Theater (she was late...hehe...because of a Love to Love taping). Many commented on how pretty she looked. (Of course!)

On another note, a lot of Jen fans are disappointed with the way the organizers of the Awards Night have handled the awarding of the People's Choice trophies. After so much publicity, the awards were merely handed to the winners without even asking them to speak onstage whereas the winners of Male and Female Star of the Night gave speeches!

However, we are delighted to report that Jen (as expected) won the People's Choice for Best Actress even if she lost to Zsa Zsa Padilla for the Best Festival Actress Award. Blue Moon also garnered a few wins including a 2nd Runner-up for the Best Float, Best Festival Story, Best Festival Screenplay, People's Choice for Best Movie, Most Gender Sensitive Film and the much-coveted Best Picture. (sidenote: The texter who won a new cell phone was Lydia Mercado also known as Jen's Mommy Lydia)

Congratulations Jen, and all the winners!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Breaking News!

Jen's Votes Have Reached 50K!

This is so much more than, even I, have expected! Congratulations Jen Fans! But don't be complacent! There's still a few hours left! So, who's the lucky 50K voter?

*******565 MVOTE 2P 2006-01-06 11:07:29 sun

We are also encouraging all Jen Fans to vote for Direk Joel Lamangan for Blue Moon out of gratitude for believing in Jen and bringing out the best in her.

text MVOTE 3G and send to 2910

Also, please vote for Blue Moon as MMFF's People's Choice for Best Picture. It has certainly been a great acting vehicle for our Jen!

text MVOTE MOON and send to 2910


Inquiring minds (or maybe it's just me) want to know, what will Jen wear tonight at the MMFF Awards Night Gala at Aliw Theater? According to Mia, Jen will sport something black. But that's all we know so far so. Hmmm...a more interesting question might be in whose arms might our beautiful Jen be with at the ceremony?

So don't forget to watch the delayed telecast tonight at 9 PM (Manila time) on RPN 9!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fan Art of the Week 2

Jen & Jake
by Balderdash

Higher Resolution Version: Click here


Jen's World has now reopened, although some sections are still either unavailable or being updated. It will not be as updated for the next few days due t the current MMFF voting activity.

Please use the links on the right (under Sections) to go to separate pages of the blog.

There are new new articles posted about Jen. Click here to view them.

Also, a movie review made especially for the blog has been posted. Take the time and read it in our Fan Editorials Section, here.

Good day Adiks and keep voting for Jen!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Calling All Adiks!

Jen's World has woken up from a very deep slumber just to give you the latest.

look_alike of iGMA posts:

yung nangangarir ng votes kay Mark kay Angel naman sya nangangarir ngayon

paki-alert ang mga kilala nyong adiks para maagapan natin

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Jen's World will be closed for the next few days due to reformatting. Some posts are missing BUT they will resurface again when I have finished fixing everything. Aniar will also stop posting videos until we consult the copyright regulations of GMA.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Watch Jen in Fanskita.. This was aired on QTV 11 (dec 10)

Watch it in 3 parts

1st part

2nd part

3rd part

Monday, January 02, 2006

Reminders: Blue Moon - Now showing

Endorsements: Particles

When you buy any item/s, you also get a free calendar of Jen!


ulitin ko lang suggestion ni ate sa igma:

para sa mga Globe users, since di kayo makakaboto sa MMFF People's Choice, sa IFM muna kayo bumoto


at sa mga Smart/Sun users, continue voting for Jen sa MMFF

MVOTE 2P send to 2910

PinoyExchange: MMFF Movie Reviews

written by "moggs" of PEX:

I just got home from the preview screening of Joel Lamangan's Blue Moon which surprisingly, didn't suck...

Blue Moon almost proves the theory that what the failing Philippine film industry needs is good screenplays because the film works primarily because of its generally palatable screenplay. There are some major quibbles I have with the script, mostly from a historical point of view (I have doubts regarding the fact that the lead character Manuel Pineda could be a pilot during World War II as I'm pretty sure there was no Philippine Airforce yet). The Palanca Award winning screenplay was written by United States based writer Alan Tijano who Lamangan said he had never met in person. Interestingly, the screenplay is pretty simple to follow and has a genuine romantic hard to guide its plot movements. Lamangan works the screenplay well - finally mustering enough skill to actually create a decades-spanning story without being overly issues-oriented. In finality, Lamangan achieved, without ruining, what the screenplay essentially is, a touching fantastical and highly optimistic love story. While Blue Moon does contain sideplots (mostly concerning Pineda's son and grandson and their respective relationships), they are adequately ironed out without having to stray from the ultimate goal of the film. Blue Moon actually gets wrapped up neatly (like most other Filipino films) without leaving you scratching your head. Technically, Blue Moon is fine. Von de Guzman's score is genuinely touching. The cinematography is nice, which is a complement enough for visual aestetics-disabled Lamangan. The special effects is mostly unneeded and offputting but does not disgust enough to put down the entire film. The acting is fine (especially for Eddie Garcia, Christopher de Leon, Boots Anson-Roa and Dennis Trillo) and I'm quite surprised as to how Jennylyn Mercado is shaping up as the best thing that came out of the talent search programs that's been invading television programming. Blue Moon has a few bumps that disrupt the otherwise steady flow of the film and the ending could've been a lot more ambiguous (instead of wrapping up everything with a gratuitous morale). Complaints and nitpickings aside, Blue Moon is a film Lamangan can truly be proud of, especially after a string of forgettable flicks. ***1/2/*****

iFM Pinoy Music Awards

c/o macie
Most Popular Adaptation Of a Foreign Song

Tell Me Where It Hurts Mymp 1779
Specially For You Mymp 2858
Love Moves In Mysterious Way Nina 640
Let The Love Begin Kyla/Jerome John Hughes 213
Through The Fire Nina 699
Crazy For You Michael Cruz 2198
If Im Not Inlove Jennylyn M./Janno G. 2796


guys, kailangan nating humabol dito




Jen on Startalk with Mark Herras. Watch the video here.

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Jam 2006

Jen welcomes the New Year. Watch it in 2 parts...

1st part

2nd part

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SOP Christmas Special

Jen sings on SOP with the Pinoy Pop Superstars. Watch the video here.

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Miss Match

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love to Love Season 9 Episode 5 Video is now ready!

Watch it in 2 parts...

1st part

2nd part


SOP Gigsters

Jen sings on SOP Gigsters

Watch it in 2 parts...

1st part

2nd part

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Maynila Episode with Mark Herras

Watch it in 4 parts...

1st part

2nd part

3rd part

4th part


Nuts Entertainment

Jen & Yas in Nuts Entertainment. Watch the video here


Miss Match

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love to Love Season 9 Episode 4 Video is now ready!

Watch it in 2 parts...

1st part

2nd part

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Miss Match

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love to Love Season 9 Episode 3 Video is now ready!

Watch it in 2 parts...

1st part

2nd part

Special Greetings!

Jen's World Wishes All the Adiks a Happy New Year!

Sorry for the simplicity but I had time constraints! It's almost time for the Midnight Countdown here so I had to create something in about 10 minutes. The next one will be better, I promise!


Miss Match

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love to Love Season 9 Episode 2 Video is now ready!

Watch it in 2 parts...

1st part

2nd part