Friday, December 30, 2005


Blue Moon Premiere

According to a poster (ccbaby) from PEX who attended the premiere of Blue Moon at SM Megamall, the movie was well-received by the audience. It is definitely a tear-jerker, so don't forget to bring your hankies, adiks!

The poster says that the movie is dragging in the first part; but from the middle to end, it is absolutely breathtaking!

The movie is not a typical love story. There's also hint of excitement and mystery as to which Corazon Manuel is looking for. Another thing that separates the movie from other love stories is its point of view. Themovie is told through the eyes of Manuel; hence, giving it that refreshing touch of having a male storyteller. The poster even notes that there are some scenes that definitely benefits from this.

"I haven't seen the other movies pero i hope this wins the best picture, ang daming quotable quotes and ang daming lessons," says the poster.

The three male leads were also described as "flawless", making it difficult to choose who would win Best Actor. All of them are compatible as grandfather-father-son "especially sa mga parts na nagsasagutan sila. And they somehow transformed into their roles. I didnt see Efren (Darna), I saw Kyle; I didnt see the usual Christopher de Leon brand of acting (ung laging ini ispup ni Marvin Agustin) at si manoy! Man he made me cry in the ending." This coming from a non-fan of either three.

Mark and Jen only appeared in the middle part of the movie but their roles were remarkable as well. And their performances exceededed expectations. The poster adds that the chemistry between the two was still evident throughout their scenes.

S/he concludes by saying that Joel Lamangan was a great director, the screen play was great, the actors were ok, and the locations were virtually pleasing. So what's the missing ingredient? Promotion!


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